Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fifty One Days.

From 19 Monterrey
br/>I could have stayed more, but I had business I needed to attend to back in San Antonio.

Just an awesome, awesome experience that will take me some time to process.

Practically speaking, it's been more than 50 days without... Driving. Church's Fried Chicken. Lone Star. Flushing toilet paper. Doing ANYTHING vaguely illegal. (Have you seen that show Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic???) Being shorter than someone. Speaking much English. Touching another human being. (Aside from brushing shoulders in a bus seat. A strange realization, but true.) I went for about 45 days without any fast food, but I actually had a Big Mac Attack. (And I'm ashamed of it, of course.) Real Tex Mex flour tortillas.

I'm going to do all this stuff this weekend. Watch out.

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Rob said...

Returning just when the McRib hits SA? Coincidence?